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Custom Painting

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OK, sorry to be the guy that asks all the dumb questions, but just 1 more, and I'll shut up. I've looked using the search and have found all questions I had except for one. So here it goes (and it's a dumb one) Can someone please give me a step by step procedure of how to paint a hardbait. Including the supplies I need to do this. I would greatly appreciate it and I won't ask anymore questions. :wink: Thanks in advance.

Catch em up


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As a relatively newbe to painting I can help a little bit.

First you need an airbrush. I use a Paasche VL but there are other manufacturers out there, such as Badger. They all do the job. You can paint with a spray can but I am not the one to tell you how (I like my air brush).

Second you need paint. You can't go wrong with any of the Createx paints. You can get these from several sources. Do a search on the internet for Createx. I get most of mine from AC Moore or Michael's craft stores. You can use any type of paint that is either thin enough to spray or that can be thinned to spray, the choice is up to you. Best thing about Createx is the clean-up after painting, it is very easy and painless.

Before I forget, you need to prime the bait. I use Krylon white primer for this. You can use gray also, it will give the paint a slightly different look when applied over it.

Best thing to do for the actual painting is to have a go at it. Only you can learn the techniques required (for you) to spray the bait. I don't think anyone can tell you how to hold the brush, just make sure you sweep the bait to avoid puddling. You can get a guide on how to use an airbrush from or one may come with your brush. I got a practice guide with my Paasche.

I think this will help a little bit. Great thing about this site is all you have to do is ask and help will arrive.

Lastly, you need something to clear coat the bait with and protect the paint. {walking on shaky ground here} I use Devcon 2-ton epoxy but that is because I was taught how to paint initially by a friend that uses it. There is another kind out there but I forget the name .

Whatever you do, don't ask what type of clear coat is best!!! You are liable to see a mushroom cloud on the horizon!

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Yes, you need to prime/sealer the plastic bodies first. The Krylon I use is a primer/sealer.

For wood lures you need to make sure they are sealed if you have bare wood. There have been several methods discussed on here. I only repaint lures and when I have to reseal a wood bait I apply a real thin coat of Devcon 2-ton epoxy to it before spraying the primer.

Other folks will have to help with sealing the wood on a handmade bait.

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Lets start from beginning,

1, Airbrush, you can buy a Paasche VL set at Harbor Freight for

around $59 probably the best price you will find.

2, Compressor, you will need a small compressor, get one that

has a 2 gal. or so air tank, check

3, Sealer, you need to seal the wood before you prime it, if your

bait is balsa, use Devcon 2 Ton, and lightly sand before

primer coat. If your bait is hardwood you can seal quickly

with Bullseye spray shellac, in a can.

4, Paint, is a personal selection, I would advise you to use waterbased

paint, the reason I say this is, enamel & lacquer require

thinners which can be dangerous if you are not familiar

with them and know what you are doing. Health risks

is another factor.

5, Other items, you will need some method to hold your bait while

painting and drying, some use X-acto knife handles,

forceps and dowels with screws in them. Some sort

of dryer that will rotate the bait 4-6 rpm while the

Devcon or cures, or you can rotate it by hand for

20 min. or so until Devcon sets up.

6, Optional items, if you want to paint scales you will need some type

of material to do that, eyes you can paint or use

stick-on, stencils for cutting your other markings.

Maybe this will help you get going,


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check out the sticky in the hard baits forum under hard bait cookbook. there are some excellent paint schemes available.

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Thanks Coley, I guess I forgot some things! That is what I get for trying to be smart after midnight!!

Tackletester, no question is a dumb one on this site. I know, I have asked a bunch since joining.

Well, there is one that is dumb. "What is better, Devcon or Etex?" LOL

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Tell em Coley!!!!! Now that's a great list. Anyone that follows that will be in great shape.


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