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Teak Wood?...

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blackjack    7


I would think that teak would be hard to carve and if I'm correct teak contains a large quantity of oil in it. which makes for a not so durable finish no matter what type of clearcoat you use. Although it would be kinda cool just to make a plain unpainted lure and fish it without any paint job. could pass as a craw bait for sure!!

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RobShaw    0

Teak is used the saltwater marine industry because its nearly impervious to water damage/deterioration.

I know of no finer crank bait artist than yourself to make such a bait. Perhaps you could add dark black eyes and maybe a colored circuit board material (red?) lip.

Nobody else offers such a bait...

You could name it..."prototype" ...that seems to be a very common name right now on the pro circuits :lol:

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