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The most important attribute is focus. The image must be sharp. If your camera does not have a manual focus, then you need to find the minimum distance that will give you a sharp image. Trying to move in for a close-up when the camera won't focus at that distance is counter productive. It is better to shoot from further back and crop the image in close at the editing stage. Most modern cameras put out images with a high pixel count that easily make this possible.


The next issue is lighting. a cloudy sky is best. If your camera has flash, then take some pics with and some without flash. You can choose the best later:


With flash - the images will stand out more. The colors will be brighter and sharper. There will be shadows and the light colors could get washed out to white and detail lost. If you have control over aperture then you can use a higher F-number to reduce the light, but I won't get into photo jargon unless you ask.


Without flash - much reduced shadows, colors won't sparkle. Detail will be good throughout color range.


Which ever method is used, the images can always stand a little post processing with a photo editor. Personally I use Photoshop PS6, but there are plenty of other editors, some low cost and even free. If you want to see what can be done with an editor, pm me and I will give you my email. You can send me a couple of images, I will edit and email back the results. Send me the originals though. This offer goes to anyone.



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If I can't take them outside I will set up a light tent (often do anyway as just makes it easier as I can take photos as I want).  Mine consists of a cheap collapsible laundry white mesh laundry basket.  I then use white paper to create an area for the bait to sit.  I curve the paper up along the back.  I use fluorescent day light (5000 to 6500 K) bulbs positioned from the sides, top, and back.   If shooting a lot of baits then I set up the tripod and use my remote to capture pictures.



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