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LureCraft Molds can you get the shine back

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No problem. :)

Just scroll to the top of the page, place your cursor over the 'TU Search' tab, click on 'Search Forums'. That will get you to the TU search engine. Once you're inside, you have a few more options. I chose the words mold + oven and clicked 'search for all terms'. Then I chose to only search in the soft plastic forum.

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lightly brush the mold with worm oil before you pour and you'll lose the dull sheen on the baits. I have only really had this problem on the larger baits, swimbaits etc....but after the molds have had a 1000 or so baits dumped in them they get a little thrashed. <10 minutes at 300-350 is supposed to release the oils in the mold, and it has worked for me, but make sure you put the mold on a cookie sheet so it doesn't lose it's flat side and DON'T leave the room while you're doing it! Burnt silicone is NASTY SMELLING! Not to mention you'll be minus a mold.

Good Luck CC Smallie, I know you have some killer ponds down on the Cape (before the bridge!). I'd kill for a lobster roll... hehe

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One other thing to keep in mind is you can get 2 (maybe 3) good bakes with those silicon molds. After that, you have no choice but to oil 'em first. What I don't like about oiling them is they are good for one round of pours. I don't really like oiling molds. It's just another step that I'm too lazy to take. :lol:

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