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What paint to buy?????

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Hello guys,

I was going to make my own lures before and bought a cheap air brush, then decided I did'nt want to for some reason :| Now I have changed my mind again, I have decided to paint lures no make them for now. I have several hundered beaters laying around that I can practice on. What I need to know is what kind of paint to buy and and where to buy it? Also what colors should I start out with, just basic starter colors? And I suppose I should coat them with devcon or extex, which is easiest to use? What should I base coat them with? I will be painting mostly plastic lures if that makes any difference in what paint to buy. Mabey you guy's know of a paint kit I could buy, and get all the colors at one time? Also I would like to know how you foil a lure and what kind of foil you use?


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Those subjects have been covered many times here. I suggest

you do a search for paint, painting, airbrush and foil.


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