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I am looking for advise on Art Resin. It has some really nice features that seem ideal for lures. I have read many posts on this subject and visited the Art Resin site as well.

This is what I know ont the plus side: uv protection, ultra clear, really brings out the color, long work time.

This is what I know on the minus side: thin, needs 2 coats, needs lure turner, 3 day cure time.

What am I missing? Any useful hints to minimize the negatives? How much protection is needed from dust?

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I can only comment on the dust question, and this is a general answer, based on my experience with a different, slow cure top coat.

Dust will be a problem if you coat in a dusty environment.  That's why cabinet shops have separate paint areas.

If it is slow cure, you should think about a covered turning box.  I used to turn my Etex-coated swimbaits with their first coats overnight in my dusty garage, but I coated them last thing, and didn't open the door again until the next day, so air movement to disturb the dust was at a minimum.

When I had to recoat, I would do it the next morning, before I went to work, and then close the garage again for another 8 hours.

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