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Addressing Amber Coloring Upon Reheat.

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All you veteran bait makers know this stuff but here goes for the others.

After making light colored baits I typically have some left over in the cup plus the sprues. Sometimes, even with heat stabilizer, the plastic will take on an amber color after reheating in microwave. Of course this also happens if the plastic is overheated.

Grinding the recycled material before reheating helps with even melting versus having different size peices in the cup. I have an inexpensive meat grinder from Harbor Freight.

Whites, clears and smoke colors can all take on an amber, yellow or yellow-green tint and if there is blue glitter in the bait, green becomes more noticeable. Since violet is opposite yellow on the color wheel, a few drops of purple colorant will "neutralize" the yellow. Of course there is a trade-off. The result will be a brownish tint since violet + yellow = a shade of brown. Red + green = a different shade of brown.

I hope this helps someone.

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There are guys here that have forgotten more than I know. It's a great place to ask a question or search for a subject to read up on.

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