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Hi does anyone know if there is airbrush paint for a color like Pearl essence. It?s a paint that does not glow in the dark but is highly reflective when a light is shined on it. It also does not have any glitter in it. Thanks for any help.

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Iceman -

Yes. There is pearl that will shoot through an airbrush. While not AS reflective as fine glitters, it is a much more subtle - and realistic - finish that does "sparkle" when wet and light reflects off of it.

What you will look for is paint (I've only used lacquers - there might be enamels with it) that has either Mother of Pearl, fish scales or the inside of shellfish (oysters, etc..) shells.

There are "pearl" paints out there that use other substances, but they look more grey than pearl.

One thing to note - when using this type of a paint, don't overdo it. This is one of those paints that should go on pretty wet, and one or two coats max. If you want to build depth into your finish, use a top-coat after the pearl is laid down.

Hope this helps.



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I use a bunch of pearlized colors.

They are a water base.

Pearl white is most like what your asking for.

Good shimmer like the side of a shad.

But not what I would call highly reflective.


See if you can find a shop near you to check it out.

You can get a color chart from the web site, but not like seeing the real thing.

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