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?airbrush city products any good

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#1 5 fish on

5 fish on


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Posted 25 August 2004 - 08:59 PM

I have been searching the net and have found that airbrush city has a seemingly good deal on all their stuff . has anybody tested any of it out ? I don't want to upgrade from one junk brush to another .

#2 BassNator 1

BassNator 1


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Posted 26 August 2004 - 06:06 AM

Hey 5 Fish on. Personally I use Badger 150's for all my Airbrush uses. Plus I have 5 of them now. Why?? Because when I went to Art School, I purchased the Badger 150 at the local Arts & Crafts Store, It was affordable, and any part that needed replacement was right there at my fingertips with a short 10 minute ride in my car. Other REAL good top end Airbrushes are The Paashe and also Iwata. These two units in Laymans terms are like the Cadilac and the Mercedes Benz of the airbrushes. Paashe being the Cadilac, Iwata the Benz. Parts for these brushes are easy to get via mail order etc. There are just not any dealers locally to me to help me up and running fast if I need parts for these units. (But I am Small time with no big inventory of airbrush parts.) Most of the Commercial Art field use the Iwata for their Illustrations, and it is a darn fine brush! EXPENSIVE THOUGH in my eyes! A lot of the Posters on this site use the Paashe VL. Another higher end priced brush, but worth the money. Now the Badger is like a Chevy or a Ford. Parts are everywhere and easy to get, and it holds its own very well. Aztek, would kind of be a notch below that, but any other inexpensive brush, would be the KIA or the Daiwoo of Airbrushes. With that being said.. You willl NEVER catch me DEAD driving in one of those two vehicles! So Airbrush City.... ??? I dunno. Its an inexpensive unit. But I love the old age addage... "You get what you pay for." Personally, I would reccommend either of the 4 above. You cant go wrong, and it will be money well spent. Plus if you DONT like it, the resale value on these units is pretty decent on E-Bay. If your stuff is in good shape, you can sell it for ALMOST what you got it for Minus some. I actually have heard of a few good reports on the Aztek. But sorry, for 25 years my Badger has done me very well, and I like them a lot! Cody

#3 Richoc


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Posted 26 August 2004 - 12:02 PM

Checked that site out.
They are pretty high priced for my tastes.

There knock offs are about twice the price I am used to.

And way higher than most of the other on line places.




Shop around.