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Gino, I've been spraying thinned zinsser bin through h.v.l.p gun onto epoxy sealed lures for last 12 months alongside lures primed with auto primer which I always used. Used lots to destruction (pike) , I have had no issues with the bin and the ease of doing several large lures at a time is useful. Works out well cost wise also. Never had problem with auto primer spray can except going through lots of cans. I was intending to try auto lacquer primer through gun but been happy with the performance of bin.

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hi. on wooden lures we use etex sealcoat,scuff. primers can be white lacquer primer,or zinnser,or rustoleum. .. we spray our primers.. on plastics ,solvent based primers over exsisting factory paints. never an issue. if its an older experienced lure that's rough we will give a light sand then start the process.

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Woodieb8 gave me good sound advice regarding primers etc.,when I was looking at options for doing multiple big wood baits to streamline process and maximise durability. Proven to be sound advice.now go etex, b.i.n, paint,etex.holds up as good as I've seen. Never got on with dipping the big lures though, but h.v.l.p gun excellent.

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