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Crankbait Hook Sizing?

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How do you decide what size hooks to use for a crankbait? Do you just eyeball it? I've seen where the front hook is larger than the rear hook. How come? Would like to hear your thoughts, method or suggestions on this. Thanks, Mark

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Generally, most guys prefer the largest trebles that will not tangle on a bait.  I prefer to use the same size trebles on each bait.   You can eyeball it to guess the size that will fit but all too often I put trebles on and find that they tangle, so have to take them off and go with different size hooks, or a short shank hook versus a regular hook.  I keep sizes #2, 4, 6, and 8 on hand with short shank #2 and 4's.  These sizes cover all the baits I make or use.  It's really aggravating to throw a bait whose trebles tangle on every other cast.

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Bob's right about using the biggest hooks you can get away with and not tangle.  He's right about most things.

Nothing worse than having trebles tangle, or catch the bill on the cast.  Also, you have to watch that bigger hooks don't cut down on a bait's action.

Having  said that,  I sometimes make my belly hook larger to get a little "free" ballast, if I have a crank that needs it to be more stable at higher retrieve speeds.

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