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Hand painting

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I would like to add a new touch to my lures. I was thinking had painting with a small brush would allow me to get a little finer. Maybe try scale tipping, etc. What should I get? I was thinking of getting a little acrylic kit with some basic colors, plus some small brushes. 


On the other hand, I also was thinking about buying a actual wood carving airbrush kit from McKenzie taxidermy. I think it's polytranspar taxidermy paint. 

Pros and cons? One vs the other?

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A lot of my painting is with brushes. I got tired of trying to do details with an airbrush. I use acrylic paints and hobby paints. Color selections are endless at your hobby store. This goes for my taxidermy also, most work done with paint brush. Get some paint and brushes and practice on paper. I don t paint heavy, I paint is washes, if that makes sense

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I do some painting by hand like at the gills. I carve the gill out then use red for the effect. I use water base, now. I'm stating to tinker with acrylic and enamel. Getting really interested in polytranspar.

The water paints do well for the gill, it not as vivid which is what I like.  I will do lines like on tigers or spots.  I bought a quality set of hair brushes that I really like. I'm like you Jonister about the different paints tho. I want to see the differences and combinations for certain schemes. I just got a few colors to start with. If I buy polytranspar I'll get more of a variety.


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I really like polytranspar paints. I got the transparenent pearl kit as well as a few other colors. They are nice and thin right out of bottle. I've used them in the airbrush as well as with a tiny 10/0 red sable brush. It's fun to put those details in by hand. I also use a toothpick and a small eye dotter for small detail work. Mark 

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JR nobody asked you!! 

Just kidding, I love to see your work! you are the inspiration to try hand painting. I might pick up a little brush kit and some basic paint from Blick. I wonder, should i try acrylic, oil based, water based?

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