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Chameleon paints

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You won't be disapointed with house of kolor paints. They have been around for a long time. Their Flip-Flop is neat stuff, if you shoot light coats and build the effect gradually. Taking in to consideration that it will intesify once the clear is overlayed. The effects one can achieve with pearls are hard to beat.

I knew of a bike painter that could take different colors of powder pearls and stage them at different depths in the clear for some bizzare effects. He would take a certain grade of sand paper (he wouldn't divulge what grade) and score the finish with a straight pull in one direction. With the intention of leaving straight score lines in the paint. He then would dust a light coat of pearl on, and lightly wet sand the area after it dried. Then spray a light coat of clear. Upon the clear drying he would then repeat the process again, except he would score at an angle to the original scoring and would use a different color of pearl. After he had done this several times with numerous colors of pearls and angles, well the tips of the flames came alive. With some tinkering this might work on a lure. Something else to think about you can take a natural sponge and dip it in pearl and dap it onto a lure for a nice natural looking effect.

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