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Glow-in-dark stuff, help needed

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I found a shop here who sell's glow-in-dark powder (green) that is mixed in epoxy. Meaning to try out this stuff for a while but couldn't get any until now. Can someone tell me how to use this stuff?

  • Which layer should the glow stuff go? Under the paint or above?
    How I can control which part glow & which part doesn't?
    I was also informed that it comes in blue, green & white but it's too expensive, the guy doesn't carry them. Anyone knows any source off the web? I'm from Malaysia so going to Walmart would mean spending 800 bucks on airfare alone; so only mail order might work for me. :)

Offhand from what the guy selling it tells me about application method I would mix the powder in epoxy & cover the whole lure after the primer layer & then do the paint job. Is this basically the right order & method?

Thanks guys

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If you were trying to do glow in some places and not in others. Sounds like you would do the whole thing in the glow then paint over the areas you dont want to glow. I haven't tried it before so i'm just telling you what i would try, not speaking from experience here.

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Hey LaPala,

I started a tutorial a while ago about luminous powder for crankbaits. I haven't had a chance to finish it but here's a few excerpts...

Luminous powder is heavy. In combination with epoxy is adds alot of weight to a lure and does effect the action. I wouldn't recommend using it on smaller lures designed to have a tight shimmy. It's awesome on gliders, deep diving lures with alot of wobble or jigs and spinners.


When I want to cover a lure with luminons I basecoat the lure with white enamel. The white base allows the powder to glow its brightest. Apply a thin layer of epoxy. Using a salt shaker or a film can sprinkle the powder onto the lure. I rotate the lure as the powder goes on. I usually go over the lure twice with the powder to get the most on in 2 passes. Tapp off any excess powder.


The diagram shows the green powder (which is actualy fine crystals) absorbing the epoxy (blue). It works like kitty litter lol. Any excess epoxy will pool up on top of the luminous crystals. The lure will apear glossy in those areas. do not try to dump more powder on... it will only cause lumps.


Allow the epoxy to set up for 2 hours. Then a second thin layer of epoxy is applied and a second application of the powder. I find it takes 2 applications of the powder to get a solid glow without dull areas.

When the second layer has cured seal the lure with yet another thin layer of epoxy then apply your paintjob. For the glow waleye I applied the decals and masked off the eyes. The back is then painted with metallic bronse/gold. The lure has copper metal flake in the topcoat.


4 layers is alot of epoxy but if it's kept thin it works well. I've got a luminous dd22 ready for paintjob I'll post when it's done.

Tight lines,


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Awesome Shawn. Now I don't have to grope in the dark (pun intended). :D Thanks a million. This post sure belongs in the knowledge base.

Following your lead, maybe I can place a stencil over the lure and just sprinkle the spots that I want to glow...; small depressions craved into the lure to hold the epoxy & powder. Hmm... I wonder when I can have the time to try out all the ideas & methods I've learned here.

Thanks to cullin too for your suggestions.

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