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I know nothing about fishing.  I found a bag of lures that were my grandpa's.  There are 19 different lures.  He used to fish in Ohio on Lake Eerie.  My dad had them, now I have them.  Are they worth anything?  I don't fish often and would like to give them to someone who could make use of them!  Below are some pictures of some of them.


Thank you!


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Unfortunately, not really worth much.  I used to dabble in collecting old lures.  Can't remember the names as I'm not in front of my specs, but the top and bottom lures are most valuable.......IF they're in good condition.  Nowadays, everyone is looking for mint or pristine condition in older wooden lures. 

You can toss out the Hula Popper as those come a dime a dozen, plus this one is missing the rubber end. 

Top one would be your best bet if it wasn't so badly cracked. 

Clean up the middle and bottom lures and they might be worth 10 - 12 bucks each.  

Best thing to do is clean them all up and get a nice display case.  Now you have a really cool homage to grandpa. 

Just my :twocents:

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8 hours ago, CNC Molds N Stuff said:

Some days that Hula Popper will flat catch some fish though. 

Yup......I still use 'em and they're as deadly as ever!

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Many antique dealers, museum operators and pickers strongly advise against cleaning, repairing or restoring anything unless you are or have it done by an expert, and then have it done in a cost effective way. Even then if your Grandfather "enhanced" one or more of his lures, it might take a knowledgeable lure maker such as members of this board, to recognize the value he had added to his lures.

Speaking from personal experience, my Dad "doctored" some of his lures. Some were quite successful. Upon his passing step-relatives had someone sort his lures into good/mint condition and modified/wore out condition. The mint condition items were sold and I got the "Junk" tackle box.  Not having a clue what to do, I gave Dad's "Junk" tackle to my son who is presently trying to De-engineer lures to discover what worked and why.

My advice is to get help in preserving your Grandfather's lures as they are. Try to get family pictures or stories of him using them.  Discuss lures freely with your extended family and pass them on to an interested party.

Good luck!


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