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I assume the problem was the reason you greased /oiled what ever that 5500c.

 You said, "it stops at a certain point...."   same place all the time ?

 if yes, you might try the following.   If I had that reel I`d fix it other wise my comments are a guess.

 Remove the pawl from line guide assembly.   What that does is remove the pawl from making contact with the worm shaft.   Some time there is a skin watcher under the pawl cap. watch for that.   Some time!

Make a cast and see if that thing still stops at a certain place.  If the problem

 still exists , I`d say there is an internal problem. Go to U-Tube for a tutorial

 on tear down.

If the problem has been corrected,  I`d say either your pawl or worm gear is bad .

  In some cases ...both.   

 Accessing a problem after some one has worked on the reel  is never good. 

   Meaning if you were good at reel work you would have fixed this thing.

   Hope my "possible" corrective action helps get your reel problem corrected



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I have to ask, at the point where the reel stops.......the line is not jammed down into

  the winds is it ?   

On my comments. I`m not trying to be nasty , just straight forward.


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I second the worn pawl/wormshaft opinion.  Over the years I have replaced several for folks that were doing the exact thing you describe.  Good thing is that the parts are easy to come by and fairly easy to replace.  

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