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painting lures - got some questions, beware i am new to this

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#1 tschneid83



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Posted 13 September 2004 - 02:12 PM

Ok so i have a couple of questions for all of you. I was getting into lure building and then stopped when i had no time but i still want to use custom lures. So i thought about buying some of the unpainted lures and painting them how i want them. The problem is i have no idea of the process. I tired some searching through the threads but it is hard to gather all of the info in one place. They say these lures (plastic) are ready to paint, i sort of doubt that but i could be wrong. So i was hoping someone could list all of the materials needed for painting a lure. I will be using an airbrush that my brother has. Since i am dealing with plastic lures i am sure the process is a little different from wood lures. So if someone could list what i need i would greatly appreciate it. The main thing i need to know is what kind of paint to use. I am also planning on using devcon 2 ton, which seems to be what a lot of people use from what i have read, but also need to know how to apply this. Do you dip it or brush it on once you painted the lure. Thanks to anyone who replies and thanks for helping a new guy out.

#2 BassNator 1

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Posted 13 September 2004 - 05:17 PM

Ts, You asked a GOOD question, a tuff one and one thats been asked before there are past threads on this. You also can get quite a lot of DIFFERENT results if others post.

1.But to paint a lure or anything you need a Primer. Professional Finishes Start with a primer!
Personally I use a Rust Oleum product bought at Home Depot called Painters Touch. Its a Primer for Wood Metal Wicker and Crafts. It sounds as if it covers all the bases for me! About 3.50 a can.

2. Next you need your paints. The easy way and inepensive, go to the crafts store or Wal-Mart and buy the colors you want. There are quite a few brands, and paints. I use the regular Craft Paint bought at Wal-Mart or the Createx brand bought at the craft store. Createx is good for running through an AIRBRUSH. Paints are as inepensive as .33 cents a bottle. These paints are all water based paints that are VERY easy to clean up.

3. So you need an airbrush... or just plain paintbrushes. Your desicion! Most here use Airbrushes, some use paint in a can. Personally there is nothing wrong with handpainting a lure if your just starting out with paintbrushes. Paintbrushes have a bunch in a pack for $1.00! Airbrushes, $50.00 to over a $100.00. Badger 150's or Paasche VL are good choices, with the extras... almost $100.00 if not over. My Badger 150 kit with all the goodies... on E-Bay New... $45.00! ( I got Lucky by the way!)

4. If you buy an Airbrush, you need a decent air compressor. Expect to find a decent one at Home Depot, Sears etc for under a hundred bucks. My Home Depot Compressor kicks butt and suits me fine.. I paid $79.00!

5. All the other extras include different grit sandpapers and stuff, but if you are going to FINISH bodies, to me these are the pretty much ESSENTIALS! The Sandpaper is always good cause I use 2 coats of Devcon and between first and second I lightly sand the finish and reapply!

I think this in essence is a good starting block for you though. Good Luck, hope it works out for you. Cody

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Posted 13 September 2004 - 06:45 PM

Ok, your right about the lures not being ready to paint.
They have a raised seam where they are joined together.
For them to look right this needs to be sanded smooth.
The whole lure has a sheen that needs to be sanded off.
Wipe the lure down with alcohol to remove any remaining
mold release.
I suggest you prime with Krylon Fusion, it is a paint made
for plastic.
From there follow what BassNator 1 says.
You can mask the lip until your aready to
clearcoat then clearcoat the lip along with the rest of the bait.


#4 BassNator 1

BassNator 1


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Posted 13 September 2004 - 07:46 PM

OOOH Yeah, I forgot one other thing.. I use the throw away brushes for the Devcon. SO I paint it on. The ONLY problem I have with the throw away brushes is the darn bristles coming off and getting into the finish. So beware of the brushes and their "SHEDDING" :lol: Cody




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Posted 13 September 2004 - 08:33 PM

Start Simple...Just paint a few white or black just to get the hang of it. I painted cars for 25 years and still messed some up now and then, mostly because I cut corners in the prep work. Plastic doesn't always need to be primed if you are using lacquer based paint, it will etch the platic on its own from the thinner. Just make sure the plastic is clean. At best a good wash with soap and water will do the trick to remove the silicone used in the molds. No lure is indestructible! You don't need a $200.00 air brush to get started. If you are going to use water based acrylics, you will need to put on an adhesion promoter first as the resins will not adhere to plastic well. Start at you local hobby shop and see what is offered there for painting models. Thats where I first learned about paints...

Mike-Color Me- Fishin-Skwira