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I am a future soft bait "hobbyist".. Lol i already know its gunna suck me in!!  Im doing alot of research before diving in. And i have what might be a dumb question but here goes.. Is there a way to get two colors in a mold without a dual injector? If so.. Is there a youtube vid or something to watch? Thanks in advance for any help! 

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If it's an open pour mold, you can partially fill/dribble your first color in, and then pour the second over that.

If it's a two piece hand pour mold, you can fill one half while it's still open with your first color, and then close the mold and pour the second color.

Hand pour two piece molds have a more open entry point, so you can pour your plastic in quickly enough that it won't cool and block the opening.  

Injection two piece molds are difficult to hand pour, because they are designed to take advantage of the pressure from the injector to get the plastic to fill the mold completely.  They also give you the ability to have more details, but you will need to buy a hand injector.

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15 minutes ago, The_Drowned_God said:

So would you say the trick to it.. So to speak is to keep the first color from cooling too much?


For me, there are three ways to go.

The first is to let the first color cool just enough that the second won't mix with it, but still bond.   Personally, I do it this way with larger  open pour swimbaits.  For Ikas, I use the second option, and have never had a problem. 

The second is to let the first color cool, and then pour the second hot enough to melt into the surface of the first to bond.  The drawback is that hotter plastic shrinks more, so you may get uneven results. 

The third is to use some kind of a bonding agent (Spikeit sells some) so you can coat the first color, and then pour the second at a lower temperature (325) and still get a good bond.

I'm sure there are folks here who do it differently, and get good results.  These are just the options I know of.

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