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1980 Crosby Sled

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I purchased a 15ft 1980 Crosby Sled today looking to convert it into a fishing boat. It has some small holes that need to be patched on the inside that's no big deal. I am wanting to know if any one knows the specs for this boat and what to all use to convert it into a bass fishing boat. There are two big holes on each side of the boat and I don't know what they are for or if I should patch them. Thanks!

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Sounds like a bare hull retrofit.  You should know what every hole is for when you are done.  If YOU will have a use for them then leave them.  If not then patch them. 


Typical holes are for: 
Livewell/baitwell pickup(s). 
Livewell/baitwell overflow(s)
Livewell/baitwell drain (may be the same as overflow). 
Livewell/baitwell pump out(s).
Bilge pump bulkhead connector(s).
Fuel filler.
Fuel vent.
Bilge Vent Hoses (very important to prevent blowing up).
Bilge drain plug.
Bow/Stern light plug. 


Less typical:
Thru hull transducers.
Bow thrusters. 
Anchor rope/chain locker. 

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