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A few of my latest creations and my setup

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I just wanted to start by saying you guys have been a tremendous help since I started pouring a year ago,thank you guys!


FullSizeRender(1).jpg.ac89bb7041b50e636851e3b68a20621b.jpgGP candy laminate crawFullSizeRender(2).jpg.68a978e413305485b29e74b6319dcfda.jpg my cooling tableFullSizeRender(3).jpg.2e3d4a96913586e4b5b3b52c5c47d9f6.jpg some gp huesFullSizeRender(4).jpg.306524d62530232bcbc2a57ccab11a10.jpg my pouring station FullSizeRender(8).thumb.jpg.8c45d881d6cd2a0f33e0aa6a3680d565.jpgFullSizeRender(9).thumb.jpg.02d6042ba892a030ef2dc1719b3f531f.jpgFullSizeRender(16).jpg.20271ab8b8e6713ad562b765518d8bd8.jpgFullSizeRender(17).thumb.jpg.3c2d548296f194d8c16407302f62ae47.jpgFullSizeRender(18).thumb.jpg.4cc2b107e98fefcf65742e91dcc4cbbb.jpgFullSizeRender(19).thumb.jpg.0877af6221ec67a645753eb265fe6c7e.jpgFullSizeRender(20).thumb.jpg.21ea29848fc075a0aa2a51fe112814fa.jpg

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On 5/19/2017 at 7:59 PM, alsworms said:

Those are really nice looking baits.  Just an FYI.......in the future, please post all pictures in the gallery. 


Was going to say the same exact thing :yes:

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