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super soft plastic.

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I need your help again...LOL..  I screwed up and bought the MF Super Soft Plastic thinking It would be good enough to where I wouldn't have to add the softener.  I was wrong!  Everything came out like a wet noodle.  I did add a pint of hardener to the 5 gallon mix but it's still to soft.  So let me ask this....When I buy the Medium plastic...could I use the Super Soft as my softener for my senko mix?

I am going with this mix at the moment..

1 cup of medium plastic

1/8 cup of salt

3/8 cup of G.B.M.

4 tablespoons of softener




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I use MF Supersoft and I add 1/8 cup softener to my stick baits after adding the salt. Mine are the same consistency as the Yamamoto. Dont go too stiff on plastic or you'll be using too much softener which isn't cheap.  Yeah they tear as easy as a Sen ko but they work as well and they catch alot of fish. If you let your bait cool overnight youll see it isnt that bad. You want the swagger on the fall not a Bic Pen. Just my 2 cents 

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