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Laminate Question

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Look on Ultra Molds site and do a search for injector heater it is a stand alone heater has a temp adjustment  i just got mine Saturday have not used it yet but plugged it up i think it will be the best thing since sliced bread LOL. U can put your injector on it while u are cleaning up and it will be hot by the time u are ready to shoot  i think it will get hotter than the pots get the injector. Cub48

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Make sure u understand blow the air thru the valves in the pots not the injector. I don't know if u have tried turning the temp up on the side with the smaller tube and have a lower temp on the larger tube. Just a thought  the big tube with cooler plastic would flow slower maybe let the hotter plastic flow faster. Try try again LOL!!! Cub48

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