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createx paints /compressor

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#1 johnnytheboy



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Posted 21 September 2004 - 03:51 PM

Hi There,

help the new guy time again, (sorry)

i'm bursting with questions but i'll try to keep to the important one so not to bore everyone

i'm planning to make pike lures in the 4-6" size range, i'll be making them probably from mahogany or what ever similar wood i find cheap enough, the surface will end up primed with automotive primer however these are my questions

I was going to try to use air brush paints by createx, what i was wondering is what ones do i buy there seems to be a few, and are these ok on top of automotive primer?? also do i just buy the paint and go for it or do i need some sort of thinners or any additives???

also there will be the chance of some leftovers from my work i.e. spies hecker and glasurit water based car paint, would these spray through an airbrush ok, and will they air dry ok???

i got a small diaphram compressor to use with the airbrush, it was s/h so no instructions, when i switch it on it seems a bit puffy i.e. not a constant stream of air is this ok, i was thinking of trying an inline tank as a damper, is this realy necessary or will a water trap/pressure valve thing help to sort this out??

lastly, will the final coat with e-tex/ devcon be ok on top of the createx will there be any funny reactions, does e-tex or devcon thin down to spray through an air brush???

sorry about this guys but these questions are eating away at me, i can't get out to give it a bash as the lure building area (shed) is at the early stages of its transformation from a garden storage area to an all singing all dancing lure building paradise (i.e. workbench, and a power lead from the house)

i know most of you guys are at the top of what you do but i much apprecaite your patience and the help you have offered me already

tightlines john

#2 cullin8s


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Posted 21 September 2004 - 03:59 PM

lots of questions there, but i'll hit one for you. I like the createx auto air, though it seems most here like the regular kind. I'll tell you why i like auto air, it saves me a lot of time. With autoair i can spray a coat, hit it with the heat gun and its dry in seconds, then on to the next coat. After i finish the whole lure i can hit it with the heat gun and be ready to apply clear without waiting 12 to 24 hours for the regular createx to dry. With auto air you dont have to have any additives with a devcon clear (which cannot be shot through an airbrush, too thick and if it dried in there it would be the end of the brush)

#3 cheesehead


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Posted 21 September 2004 - 04:16 PM

I made a 10 7" pike lures using 1/2" douglas fir and 2 #1 trebles. for weight I drilled 3 1/4"holes 3/8" deep and poured molten lead right ito the bait. 2 holes are in front of the belly hook and the other s behind it. I didn't have anair brush so I painted them by hand. they have great action and dive to about 6 feet on a steady retrive. At rest their backs are about 1/4 " out of the water. I'll post some pics later tonight.

#4 BassNator 1

BassNator 1


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Posted 21 September 2004 - 04:44 PM

I dont know how many lures you have made so far, Mahogony is a little on the Hard side to start off with. I would reccommend starting off with Balsa, then moving to a harder wood, later. After you got your plan and idea worked out. I know you said your making Musky Lures, but you want to get your feet wet first. When I hop in the shower, I check the water temp with my hand first, before I jump right in there! Just my opinion.

I have never used the Auto Primer, So I cant speak on that. My Primer is a Rust Oleum Product that is a Sandable Primer for Wood, Metal, Crafts & Plastics.

I use 2 Kinds of Paints.

1. The Createx Paint that is used "basicaly" for T-Shirt Painting found at most craft stores. It is a Fabric & Craft Paint.

2. I also use the inepensive paint bought at Wal-Mart for .33 cents a bottle and I run them all through my airbrush.

Would car paints shoot through an airbrush? Yes, I dont know the proper setups and thinning of them, but it should be ok. Thats how they apply the paint to cars with some sort of large AirBrush. All I can say if its water based, then cleanup is easy. ( IMHO ) For the most part to me Auto Paints always equate to extra cleanup and I hate extra cleanup. But it also to me requires solvents and chemicals to aid in clean up... and I really hate that! I cant stand the smell! But thats just me.

If your compressor is NOT pushing a steady stream of air it can and will be a problem. I dont know if your compressor can have a regulator added on it, but somehow I would reccommend it. Maybe hooking that up to an inline tank would help this out, but I never tried that. IMHO I have a regulator on my compressor and it included its own built in tank and I like it and AGAIN, I reccommend it alot! Now if you have to buy an inline tank, then say the heck with it and spend a couple of extra bucks for a larger compressor. Home Depot, Sears AND even Wal-Mart have some decent compressors to use for your AirBrush for under a $100.00. Whats your inline tank gonna cost you? $30.00 to $40.00?? How about a regulator?? $15.00 to $20.00?? I dont really know... but... its just my opinion. Spend a couple of extra bucks, buy one of the compressors from where I mentioned above... you wont be sorry.

I also reccommend some kind of water trap!

As far as Problems top coating that I have ever had is that "SOMETIMES" I have removed fine details while I painted the Devcon on, cause I rushed and didnt wait the allotted time for the paint to dry, so I actually painted like my signature right off the lure. That was my error and It doesnt pay to rush! But as far as my top coat, I use Devcon 2 ton and I paint it on with a disposable brush. Another issue, as Ive mentioned before, a bristle got left on my lure, but I caught it before it cured! I would never consider Devcon going through the AirBrush! It sets too fast, you got to work lighning fast AND go back to the above about the cleanup! :huh:

I have yet to have any reactions from Devcon from the Paint I have used. Keep it Easy, Keep it Simple, Have Fun! Cody

#5 johnnytheboy



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Posted 22 September 2004 - 03:35 PM

diffrent class guys, just the info i was looking for

devcon in the airbrush, never thought about cleaning it, cheers cullins

cheesehead looked at your post can't see any pics, would love to see those lures though


i'm in the uk we don't have walmart etc but we do have some cheep tool shops, i hope i don't have to replace the compressor as i don't have that much cash, the thing i have is supplying constant air but its abit pulsy rather than puffy, kinda explained it wrong, i was gonna try to knock the top of and old (empty) gas bottle and get a valve welded on the top of it to give me a tank for next to nothing, sounds abit dubious but i have seen it done somewhere or other before

once again thanks guys for your help

tightlines john

#6 boatnik13



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Posted 27 September 2004 - 07:21 PM

I agree with bassnator1 Your using to heavy of a wood!... Even if your looking for a sinking lure its too heavy!. Buy some dowel rod and in pine or maple .If you get good making cylinder shaped lures > then you can master red oak dowel. You'll need to understand "ballance" most of all with any wood. I started with ole broom sticks at one time and moved to a mini lathe and still use dowel. Flat lures > you may want to try balsa first till you get good.