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Hi there


New to the forum. I have joined to try and share some of my rod building expertise, I have over 45 years. My reason is valid.

My life changed just a few months ago and this is why. I retired in April of last year, in May I was hit sideways on a 4 lane highway by a driver who crossed 4 lanes at a high rate of speed. I was badly hurt with spine and neck injuries and have been in rehab for the past year. I developed a new pain and one that was so bad it would make me drop to my knees, this I felt was something caused by  something other than the accident. So then the scans and tests and after all of this I am told I have terminal cancer, maybe a year to live.  Got the radiation for pain, the cancer spread to my ribs, Chemo starts next week and is a radical one and so I am looking forward to spending time sick.

So here I am now living on a lake, unable to fish or build rods due to the nature of the tumors, I cannot use my right arm now very well and any dust will take me out.

One thing I am not looking for is sympathy, that's not who I am, I am strong enough to take what is coming, my wife tells me I am stubborn and she wants me around.

My rod building expertise is vast and have some neat tricks I use and some of y own tooling, I want to share it with rod builders in anyway I can.

Once I got into building some salt water rods for Ireland and still have stuff left over that I will sell cheap, even got some Cape Fear blanks left over from years ago.

Not trying to sell on the post and never really sold on line except for a few bits and pieces.

If anyone needs any help please email me, I have time now hanging around, please use my email ( gmail account), I find it easier. lifewithradiation@gmail.com

A picture of what I make, my reel seat with a finishing ring and butt cap  is for the Float rods I make, the reel is a purchased one.

Thanks for reading.



20170208_171020 (1).jpg

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