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“Greeting Fisherman/Craftsman.”  Although I am 77 years old, I am functionally new to the sport of fishing, and I am just getting started.

I have acquired some head knowledge about fishing theories due to attending three different fly fishing schools, plus many hours of time observing YouTube video’s.

I love to make my own tackle, and then test it in my laboratory (The Lake).

I am very limited to be able to fish where the fish are, due to just having a new aorta valve put in my heart, and I am on Chemotherapy now for two years.

So I lack the strength to go where I would like to fish. So I am limited and challenged to catch fish in the only spot that I can get to.

That is where the challenge comes into play.

I had no idea that there were so many other fishermen who manufactured their own tackle. So to find this site was gratifying to say the least.


As a result, I am looking foreword to getting some tips so I can try some new ideas from experienced Craftsman/Fisherman.

I have found that for me to be able to observe the results of my handy work that produced the object that caught an “aquatic cannibal” is worth all of my efforts, which is enjoyable to me.


If at any time I feel that I have something worthy to add, I will.

Blacksmith RLTW

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