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How to powder paint Jig head with weed guard already installed?

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Hey all, I just bought ten 3/4oz. Unpainted jig heads. And never thought about how I would (powder)paint them without melting or getting paint on the weed guards. I've heard wrapping tin foil around the weed guards has worked for people. was also curious how to go about baking the heads in oven for curing process after they are painted without affecting the weed guards. Is there a home remedy or will I need to order some kind of heat resistant tubing to put over the guards? Also I have 1/8" diameter FG30 weed guards on hand but the 3/4oz jig heads are bigger (not sure on diameter).  Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!


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12 hours ago, Edward Johnson jr said:

I use heat resistant rubber tubing and place over guard. I use a heat gun to heat my jig head for the powder coat. I always try to avoid the weed guard with direct heat. Dip in powder and then bake on 200 degrees and the guards will be fine. Also don’t put the tubing all the way up against the jig head.

Tthanks Edward! I ended up just pulling the weedguard out and installing a new one when I finished painting. I will have to get some of that tubing for next time though

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