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According to Shorty's hook, the equivalent is Eagle Claw  L3052. I just spoke to them about this last week. I have not bought these, so I can't vouch for the exact size. Verify before you buy.

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The 3052 as well as the L570BP.  I wish Eagle Claw would either change the numbers on some of their hooks, they make 3 different versions of the regular 570. You have the 570 bronze, then the 570BP which is the black platinum version of the 570, and then you have the L570BP which is the laser sharp version of the 570 and is listed to be the same as the Mustad 32746.  Captain hooks lists both the 3052 and the L570BP as direct replacements for the 32746, but I'd love to know what the difference is between the L570BP and the L3052 if both are suppose to be the direct replacement for the same hook.

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