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createx drying time?

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I am trying to talk myself into buying a airbrush. I am a little concerned with how long it takes createx paint to dry. I apologize if this has been covered, I have searched the archives. Couple of questions: How long do you have to wait between colors on the same bait? How long do you have to wait before you can clear coat? I have a hard time believing that such a thin layer of paint would take a long time to dry.

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I think i am in the minority here but i use the Createx AutoAir and the reason is i can use a heat gun and set the colors in seconds, then after i finish i can clear immediately if i choose to do so, with no ill effects. I looked at the colors availible now in createx auto air and i am wayyyy behind, at one time i had the largest set you could buy, but no i am about 100 colors short (just a guess)

Heat setting is cool you can actually see it go from shiny to a matte finish and know its dry and ready for the next coat.

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I use alot of the auto air , a heat gun and an infered lamp and its all good . I just got a 400 dollar paint order in but it goes quick when its 25-35 bucks for 4 ounces . Good stuff

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I havent found createx to require a long dry time. Typically I'll do 1 of two techniques, brush the lure, either I let it hang for a 3-5 minutes while I shoot another ...or.... if I'm only doing one at a time I keep a hairdryer on a low setting handy. That takes maybe 30-60 secs.

As for dry time before clearcoating, if the bait was hang dried, I'll let the paint dry overnite at room temp.



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Well up north here.......

The drying time is way to slow for my taste.

Around 30 mins between coats for air dry time.

At least 3 days to hang dry before putting a clear coat to it.

A must to heat it to dry up here.

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The paint I regularly use drys in seconds at 70, low humidity.

And it is real hard for me to get used to forcing the paint to dry.

One kind I use is coustom (made for me) water born urithaine resin.

I can use this base to make any color I need with the right pigments.

This stuff is awsome if it is mixed correct and not high humidity.

Drys before you can wipe up spills though.

Got flo. orange slashed shirt, pants and undies, to prove it.

This costs me a bundle of headaches to help develope,

and is a hairy deal to get it, else I would be selling it.

The other is model paint for lexan from Faskolor also water based.

This is retail market stuff and has some real good colors, plus some nice effects.

Good amount of pigments and goes a long way.

Acts most like a laytex high bread, sticks great and covers excelent.

I still do not know for sure what it is, Flexible and non-toxic.

Cost more buy the bottle than regular createx.

Just hard for me to work with the Createx and not recoat to soon and get runs.

I paint large batchs, like 100 rapalas at a time.

Same color pattern, differnt sizes and models.

I set it up like that.

I start on them and work them in a circle rotation, till they are done.

With the createx, I can not just roll.

I have to wait till there are ready for the next coat.

And I need to heat the room and wait for it, to due the next layer.

( maybe I just need to slow down and execpt it)

But I do need at times the colors they offer, so I use it.

Think it would work great in the south western states.

Still wish I could just use the good old melt your brain laquers I used to use.

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