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Clear coat with Gorilla clear glue

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10 hours ago, MonteSS said:

Gorilla glue needs moisture to cure and expands like foam. Wont flow out smooth and wont be very clear. Basically wont work


Wrong product.   Gorilla glue makes a lot of different products now.  You are referring to their initial water activated polyurethane formula.   They have epoxies, silicone sealants, tape, and various other products now.

The clear gorilla glue is a non foaming product (can even make it out on the poor picture above).     I would not expect it to perform well as  topcoat however based on it being "sandable".    Not going to hurt to try it out on a scrap piece of wood and see how it performs.   Now the white gorilla glue may be a good seal coat for balsa or other wood baits.  Waterproof, sandable, paintable, etc... and white in color.



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Test it and see.  It has to be waterproof,  has to have good leveling properties, and has to be tough to be an acceptable Topcoat.  Cost effective is also good.  Woo Hoo!  Maybe the next great thing!  Or not.

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On 3/2/2018 at 9:29 AM, nedyarb said:

Probably would turn yellow in the sun


It may the interesting part  about it however   "Store in a cool, dry place with exposure to light. Lack of light and heat can cause product to yellow. " 

To me sandable is the issue.  Products designed to be sandable scratch easily.  Hook rash and wear would be an issue.

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I just coated a test lure with the Gorilla Glue "Clear" .  It goes on smooth, flows out just like "Etex", and needs to be rotated for a period of time.  At first glance it looks promising.  However the company web site declares that it is not a water proof product.  Still worth a try.



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