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Well gang, after a bit of a delay, here are the much-anticipated results of the 2018 Coolest Lure Contest!

Let me just say that this year's contest was, by far, the most competitive one yet. The talent displayed in the entries was outstanding!

Without further adieu, here are the winners. Congrats to everyone who placed, and thank you to all who entered. You are all very talented :)


Best Custom Painted Hard Bait

1 - Rainbow Trout with bright fins on an 8" SPRO KO - By Venutian_Lures


2 - IMG_5704.JPG - By SugarHillBaits


3 - Northwoods Blue Gill - By mdojet


Best Homemade Hardbait

1 - Bluegills SwimbaitIMG_2082.JPG - By Yohan Custom Lures


2 - Keeper Trout - By danthefisherman


3 - IMG_9519.PNG - By Benzin555


Best Wire Bait

1 - 1/2 Oz Chatterbait/Dual Underspin - By smallmouthchaser


2 - 4" gold perch cedar spinner - By foxbites


3 - Turtle Jig! - By JohnRit


Best Soft Bait

1 - Popper Snake - By Bogbaits


2 - 73756014-1F0C-4544-86FA-0353EF53B668.jpeg - By Campania Lures


3 - Catawba Worm - By kellure

Best Fly

1 - Indigo Dragonfly - By Mtstew123


2 - Sunfish - By fish eyes


3 - Shad Crease Fly - dog1660

Best Custom Rod/Reel

1 - IMG_20180226_183948763.jpg - By JJ Bass Madness Custom's


2 - 7' MHX Medium Heavy - By Kevin Cooper


3 - Phenix Ultra Custom Spinning rod - By gekhang



Again, thank you to everyone who entered. Let's do it again next year!


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Thank you !!! I am honored to be in this group of excellent artist It was very fun and I enjoyed looking at all the custom work congrats to all who placed and everyone who entered !!! 

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Congratulations to everyone that won. The  craftsmanship and art work is top notch. Also, Thanks to everyone involved with putting on this contest and giving us the opportunity.

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It is an honor to be judged among some of the most incredible submissions this year. I was not expecting to win, I was just hoping to get third among those awesome flies. What a great showing of incredible talent out there, I am honored to be among you. 

Thank you judges for your time and effort to make this competition available. It is incredible to see such artistic expression and dedication to the craft. A huge applause to everyone who was involved.

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As always this contest really gets all of our juices flowing,Ive never seen such artistic craftsman ship anywhere,thanx for another Awesome contest!!!


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Wow! I’m pleasantly surprised..What great news..I feel honored to have won..All of of entries looked fantastic..Congratulations to all the winners and guys who placed in all the categories..Thanks to the judges for their time and giving us the opportunity to submit our work..This was super fun and im looking forward to doing it again in 2019!!

Also a big Thank You! to lureparts online for providing the prizes..They are an beyond awesome company!!

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Wow! I remember the last week before the deadline had so many AMAZING entries that I thought I wouldn't stand a chance haha. Thanks TU for hosting this and helping make our work extra special and meaningful! And we'll done to EVERYONE who entered... definitely some very creative, talented, and inspiring work



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