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Berkley Camo

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Where can you buy the Oxblood and Moss Green color additive to make Berkley Camo like the recipe on here says?  And Brown glitter for that also?  Thanks

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berkley Camo is one of the hardest colors to make. (at least for me)

Ive been playing a little, its close but no cigar yet

1 cup plastic

4 drops of moss green

3 drops of watermelon

2 drops oxblood

now the key I found to give it the brownish effect was the brown Fleck and the gold fleck added into it. I only had .035 and it should be fine fleck


Found this in the Color cookbook

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Ditto for me too. At one time I used Camo PowerWorms exclusively. So it was only natural to make my own.

I've been trying for over a year now, and can't seem to get it quite right.  There is an iridescence to it that I can't seem to duplicate.

I've tried a number of glitter combos, reds, greens, hologram, to try and get that but just can't seem to get it.

I am going to try and add some hi lite to my colors soon, if LureCraft ever gets my order to me ( 11 days and counting I even paid for premium shipping )

I'll let you know how that all works out.  Oh yeah, I got the oxblood, and moss green from LureCraft.

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