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Yamamoto color 204

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  Well I know were there is a recipe, but don't know what color you want sorry. Standard cinnamon is 1 drop brown for every 4 ounces plastic, with medium brown and black flakes( or just black). Black Cinnamon is 1 drop brown for every three ounces plastic, and 1 black for every 8 ounces plastic, with medium black flakes. Singed Cinnamon is 1 drop brown for every for 4 ounces plastic, and one drop red for every 12 ounces plastic, with small orange flakes and medium black flakes. Cinnamon-purple is one drop brown for every 7 ounces plastic, One drop purple and pink for every 12 ounces plastic, with small red and blue flakes. Ultra-lite Cinnamon is 1 drop for every 6 ounces plastic, and one drop pink for every 12 ounces, with medium brown flakes. I don't what 204 is, but I'll just leave these here, one might be what you're looking for sorry for not knowing specifically.  

Here is a site  with recipes http://www.lurepartsonline.com/Online-Store/Soft-Plastic-Bait-Recipies/

Here is a site with colors http://www.tacklewarehouse.com/Yamamoto_Double_Tail_Hula_Grubs/descpage-YA4DTHG.html

Also is this the colorimage.jpeg.0c56fba27febf9fdd90b61fc4d3ba8f5.jpeg, I don't know what the 204 means sorry. You can ask in spanish if you need to, I read and speak it. Sorry just trying to help.

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