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Hard plastic resin and Micro ballons

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Hello everyone! 

When I have built resin baits in the past I have been mostly using Smooth on Feather lite but I have recently started to play more with mixing the ballons into the resin by my self. I am using Alumilite RC-3 and Alumilite Micro ballons.

Do you guys have any tip on how to figure out the right amount fast? Resin is exspensive :D! I always seems to mix too much so I need to throw away a lot of resin OR to little.
I want the density o the resin to be something like Beech wood, something around 0,70 - 0,80. 
I also think I prefer to do it by weight and not by volume like everyone seems to do on Youtube wich cant be that accurate?

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Microballoons are pretty light so it can be a nightmare trying to weigh them.  I use a Lee reloader kit that has measurement cups measured in cubic centimeters.  I have owned them for a long time, but I suspect they are still available.

I use the Alumilite White, but it is close to the RC-3 in density, so using volume, I can get you close if you use the following chart.


Try 8 cc of microballoons to 10 cc of RC-3.  Because RC-3 has a specific gravity of 1.05, close to the 1.07 of Alumilite White, you can instead use 8 cc of microballoons to 10 grams of RC-3.

If you maintain the ratio 8/10 or 4/5 or 2 cc to 2.5 grams of RC-3 you will get a density really close to .7 g/cc.

I hope this helps you out.

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