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Floating worms

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Walmart back in the 90's sold floating worms by edge lures. Now all you can find is trick worms . These worms were about 5.5"  So I'm looking for a floating worm less than 6"  We rig them hook exposed .Longer  worms 6" or larger don't have action I'm looking for. Anybody producing something like this.

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I also used floating worms back in the early 90s.  Great for fishing over slop, and lily pads. I had found the Power Worms to be the best, then they changed them to suspending. So that's when I began pouring my own plastics. 

I use a hand poured 7inch paddle tail which I believe I bought from Barlows many years ago.

I've recently tried reproducing those worms from 20 years ago with no luck.  I just can't seem to add enough floater to keep them floating.


The finished product comes out tacky and brittle . Don't know what has changed in the products  But if you do end up making your own,  write your recipe down. That seems to be my problem.

I am wishing that someone made a 7"or 8" paddle tail  worm injection mold.


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