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Very good to be back

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I dont know if any of the old timers are around from when I was a regular member here. I think the last time I was a poster on this site was about 9 years ago. I had some tragedies happen in my life and as a result had to give up nearly everything. I lost my home, Ranger, and of course my lure shop due to the cheater that I chose to marry. That being said, it has been a long road recovering from all of that mess. I was forced to buy a very small home in which I raised my son. He has now moved out on his own and as a result I have been working to rebuild a lure building shop in his vacated bedroom. It isnt as large but I have finally got all of those boxes that I sealed up with materials and hand tools unpacked. I have blown off the cobwebs and moved in the machines. I have oiled up the rusty tables and rebuilt my finishing table. Just last night I started building a lure that I had made hundereds of before. In fact ,at one time I had a web page that had a tutuorial on it that I was pretty proud of.  Darn thing is gone though and so are the files I built to create it. Things have changed for me as well, my eyesight isnt as great, I have forgotten alot of the little details of this fantastic hobby.  However, once I get my bearings back and stop screwing up, breaking lures, miscutting , missanding, and all of the other rookie mistakes, I will begin new designs, perhaps a video channel this time. Anyway..... it is DAMN good to be back.  Pics of the new shop below.

New Shop 1.jpg

New Shop 2.jpg

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You know Chuck, that is one of the best things I took from this community. Everyone learns from each other and everyone shares their successes and failures. It really doesnt matter if you just started last week or have ben at it for a lifetime. I am already remembering where I left off in my experiments from the evidence of particially made lures and componants that wee in the boxes. Thanks for the welcome back guys.  Oh the wasted years. Cant imagine what Id be trying to do now if I hadn't lost the last 9.

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16 hours ago, woodieb8 said:

welcome back . in 1 month your new shop wont be that clean lol...all in fun.

Isnt that clean already today... made ten new holders for my  epoxy turner,. Cleaned up about five others that were serviceable. Undercoated my two new experimental lures. The place is already a mess... and Im loving it.


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