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Foiling flat baits....effectiveness vs. looks

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First, I'd like thank all the folks who are sharing info here. As a new hard bait creator (I've made jigs, spinners, and tied flies for years), I'd be completely lost without a forum such as this.

I've followed the posts about the effectiveness of flat baits for a couple years, and have heard/read some reason why that is. Aside from "being different" than round baits, it is my feeling that the flat sides act much like mirrors, creating what I'll call "directional" flash. If you watch videos of shad swimming, this flash or blinking is pretty obvious. It might also explain why rattle baits can be very effective, as they mimic this flash far better than a round bait with the same action.

SO, that gets me to my question. Has anyone with experience with thier foiled baits noticed any difference in the number of bites they get between a bait with foil on a bare flat side vs. foil burnished over a scale netting?

To me, the scaled foil may "look" more appealing to me, but does that translate into more bites vs the flat mirror like surface that "blinks" better?

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