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Hello everyone from NW Indiana! 

I'm new to this lure painting thing. I'm trying to get a pretty good idea on how to get started painting lures. If anyone can give me some tips or point me in the right direction on what material I will need such as what kind of paint do I use and the steps I have to take from start to finish.  I would really appreciate the help guys. Thanks alot! 


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I use water based acrylic paints that are sometimes used for T shirt painting, like Createx.  You can find them in hobby supply stores, like Michael's, or online at air brush suppliers.  Here's one, but there are lots of others:  http://www.coastairbrush.com/categories.asp?cat=11

When heated above a certain temperature, their molecules cross link, and become waterproof.

Unfortunately that temperature (I don't know what it is, but I think it's like the highest setting on a clothes iron) are too high for me to be able to reach with ruining my baits.

I use those paints, use a hair dryer to thoroughly dry multiple thin coats (which avoids trapping moisture under a thick coat that will expand later and ruin the bait's topcoat protection), and then protect my paint with a truly waterproof top coating.

If you do a search here for top coat/topcoat you should find lots to read, but the basic topcoats are waterproof epoxies, UV cured polyester resins, acrylic clear coats, moisture cured urethanes, and clear fingernail polish.

I hope this helps.

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Go with a reputable brand of airbrush acrylic. I also use Createx / Wicked colors. Look up videos on You tube and search the hard bait cookbook thread. There is more than one way to paint each pattern. Personally, I would shy away from those patterns using many opaque colors. Pick a dozen or so patterns that you like, and find a way to do them using a minimal investment in paint. Gradually build up your paint inventory to incorporate more patterns.  If you go to( activity/ search/ colors, recommended) you will find some suggestions on paint inventory. NEVER thin your paints in the original bottle. they will go bad.  I use opaque white and black. The rest of my colors are transparent, iridescent & pearl,  and fluorescent.  Wicked silver and gold are far superior to Createx - although made by the same company. Transparent base is cheap and very useful.  You will need the same brand reducer, ans air brush restorer for cleanup. 

Many thin layers of different colors creates depth. For a clear coat over your finished paint job, I recommend Devcon 2 ton - 30 minute epoxy. It is available in small or large quantities, it is more forgiving than most epoxies. Rotate it while it cures or use a lure turner. 

I fell in love with lure painting the first time I saw my paint job pop under a good coat of epoxy.  I hope you experience the same. 

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