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Crankbait LIP choice

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I'am looking for some articles or advises concerning crankbait lip choice.

Most cranks have round lips, but there is also coffin and square lip types.

How would you define the different action they provide?

Thank you for your help!!

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ckarren    0

Welcome aboard frenchbasser. Good question I don?t have the answer but I would like also, know how do you select the size, angel, and round or square when you make a new bait.


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kellure    1

Heres a tidbit from something I scribbled in 6-03 on lips. I would post the entire writing but its several pages in length. Hope it helps.

Rectangle lips- Rectangular lips move water equally to both

sides and the lure will dive and retrieve straight (assuming it is tuned properly) without much wiggle. Drawback, when it hits an object it bounces back and looks unnatural.

Round lips- Round lips ?move? water equally to both sides also, but they displace/move different amounts of water at different points on the lip. Translated, that means that the lure will not dive as deep, but will have a wider and slower wiggle. Round lips are also perfect at bouncing off structures & resulting in less disruption during your retrieve.

Triangular Lips- Triangular lips also deflect off cover without sacrificing much depth. When they hit an obstacle, they typically just tilt and glide past it.


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