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Glow in the dark??

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I'm looking for some direction on what glow in the dark paint I should get for my crank baits. Is the Createx Glow in the Dark any good? Any reviews?

I've ready glowinc is good but it's very hard to spray. Any reviews on that? Or tips on how to do so. 

Or what do you  use for glow on your crankbaits? 

Thank you !

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The limitations with glow paint are twofold.  Their brightness is determined by the size and number of the strontium aluminate particles they contain.  More and bigger is better but more and bigger won’t shoot through an airbrush so paint manufacturers have to compromise.  There are also big differences in how long and how strongly different colors of glow paint will glow.  I don’t remember the differences except that greenish white is the longest lasting.  I chose Glonation brand paint that comes in an acrylic gel with large glow particles for coating jigging spoons and a couple of rattle baits.  It works great but has to be brushed on.  I topcoated it with MCU.  In total darkness, I can literally read a newspaper from its glow.  Player’s choice, but I’d check whatever paint you try for glow intensity after application.

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