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Glitter nail polish

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Do a test first, so you don't mess up a bait. 

Apply some nail polish over a test painted scrap piece, let it cure overnight, and then apply KBS.

If it works, great.  

If the KBS dissolves the nail polish, try putting the KBS on first, let it cure for a couple of days, and then apply the nail polish.

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18 hours ago, gliders said:

Another option is mix some nail glitter in a suitable clear base..

I mix .015 glitter in Createx transparent base, and brush it on over my paint scheme before I add a clear.  Just be sure the paint is really dry first, and don't over brush.

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I haven't used KBS. But with epoxy, you can sprinkle fine glitter on the first coat (using a salt  shaker type container) while it is still wet. Re-dipping will seal and smooth it. 

Glitter alone is much cheaper than nail polish. Problems can occur when you use too many different mediums on a lure. 

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