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Balsa Baits

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I am attempting to build a crankbait out of Balsa.Need lots of help.

Can you epoxy eye screws in the balsa or do you need to use a thruwire

for the hook attachments.If you need to use a thruwire any help on this

process would be greatly appreciated.


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I have used screw eyes in balsa baits. For the tail hook I use one anywhere from 1? to 1 1/8? long screw eye. And for the belly hook I will use the longest I can without going through the top. This is usually about ? to 1? for me. I screw them in and then back them out. I have used different types of epoxy to fill the holes. There is an epoxy paste that you can get that comes in two parts. You cut off what you want and then mix together and you can push it down in the hole. Then screw the screw eye in. I have also used the 2 ton epoxy, 30 minute type. I use a tooth pick and a small wire to make sure it goes down in the hole and put some around the threads. I have also used s.s. cotter pins that are 1 ?? long. . They really look nice and do not add a lot of weight to the bait.

Now I have not had any problems with them pulling out. I have caught some big drum on these little crank baits and not one has pulled out.

You can always drill out a hole and glue a wooden dowel in the hole and then screw the screw eye in to the dowel.

Some times on the belly weight I use a weight with a small hole in it like a worm weight or barrel sinker. That is when I push the cotter pins up through the hole in the weight and bend them down around the weight and then glue the weight in.

Charlie M

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Coley    8

Check the tutorial's, there is a couple here that explain

rear hook hangers and belly weights in balsa.


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