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I am a Canadian who is getting into custom lure painting. However I am having issues finding crankbait blanks that are cost efficient. Purchasing blanks from many of the large US suppliers is quite costly right now with the Canadian dollar at .74 cents to the dollar, before the large shipping costs. I am wondering if anyone knows any cheaper routes I can take to get quality blanks delivered to Canada. I found found numerous sellers on DHgate and Alibaba, but am unsure of their quality and cant justify ordering 100units at MOQ if they're non functional. Thanks in advance 

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Sounds like you do not want to buy in bulk. When I was learning I bought a lot of blanks from W lure. They stratify their discounts, and have sales every month. Shipping is free to US, but can take 3-4 weeks. I have found their quality pretty good. Weights are consistent. But I test each lure blank before I paint and ship. Some of their blanks are fantastic.  

Start off with just a few. Try new ones that are on sale. Here are some that I like: M 219, M505, m589, m616, m647, m515, m549, c187, m591 (thru wired), L572 .

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if you live close to the boarder you can get a p.o. box and have your stuff mailed to it..you can have them email you when its put in the box and ready for pick up....    drive over pick it up drive back......no  Canada post or gst….save big $$$$...if not   find a friend in the states to help you out...

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