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Stirrer for Presto pot-Gourmia Gst210 Stiriffic

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Hi guys

Looking for a cheap effective stirrer for a home made presto pot setup making soft plastics.

Will this work? Any other recommendations? I'm getting no where reviewing the threads or maybe haven't come across something I can do on my own.

saw it on ebay. Thanks in advance 

Gourmia Gst210 Stiriffic


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I spent hours researching and trying various battery options.  They will work... I used one but cant recall the name - gotta keep the amount of plastic reasonable as they don't have a ton of torque (or bolt onto the pot super securely) -  I never really tried to use the stirring pot to heat plastisol from scratch through the gel phase... I microwaved batches and transferred to insure I didn't overload the motor - notably as batteries get a little weaker.  You'll need to make a metal paddle of some sort regardless. 

In the end after screwing around and spending cash - I went and bought a used Dayton motor and some aluminum sheets off Ebay and just made a stirring unit similar to what are sold online.   



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What about an electric ice cream maker?  I would think that would be about perfect.


Though IDK of any that are cordless

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If you use a motor that has plastic parts the chemicals from heated plastic will break it down over time. A less expensive fix now may cost you more in the end. 

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