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Skirt smell

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Welcome to TU. This question comes up often. The easiest solution is to let time  get rid of the smell. I have bought skirts, put them on jigs and fished the next day. No big deal. Eventually the smell will wear off. You can leave you jig box open if it makes you feel better, but there is nothing that I know of that will get rid of the smell. just fish them.

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Congrats, you got a fresh batch!!!!! Seriously, they will have that smell when first made and it will wear off like others have said.  If you want rid of the smell faster, like a day or 2 then spread the material out on a small plastic sheet and cover with baking soda and let it sit for a full 24 to 48 hours.  The only thing is you will need to rinse the material off under warm water to get the baking soda off all the way but it doesn't take long to dry. For me, if I didn't need to use them right away I'd just take them out of the bag and let them air out for a few days, it doesn't take long once they are out of the bag.

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