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Silver Holographic body - Crankbait

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Where i fish, the lakes are very deep, and clear water. 

Now i´m trying to paint my own lures. Can i have your´s options to do this final result ?







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Most lures of this type are silvered at the factory.  A few TU lure sellers have stocked them in the past, not sure if any do now.  As far as “roll your own” metallics, tape or metal leaf are the only cost effective options I know 

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I think solid chrome baits are much better in off colored water, where their bodies need to be noticed against the dirtier water.

When I fished deep, clear lakes down in SoCal, I found that very light, almost transparent patterns on plastic crank baits, with a hint of a black back, and see-through silver sides/belly were the ticket.  That way,  when a fish  looked up at a passing bait, all it really saw was an impression of a baitfish against the sky. 

I enhanced that with "In The Spotlight" Salley Hansen nail polish, which is clear with bits of mylar suspended.  That provided flash without making the silhouette too strong.

I also "painted" clear crankbaits with GloNation white/green glo powder, suspended in clear nail polish.  That made the baits glow enough at depth to make them vulnerable.

All those things helped me get bit.


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