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Looking for hook options for my new Bullet Nose mold to make some swimbait heads. I got some Mustads 32786 for it but the shank needs to be longer. I’m not against modifying it but would rather not if I can find something to use. Thanks 


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I have this mold and have poured several hooks in it. The 32786, Owner 5304, most of all the Gamis hook series, some VMC's and some Trokars. The problem is that they are all comparable in length. The only hook that has a longer shank is Mustad 34184-DT. The DT stands for Dura-Tin. There are no drawbacks to this hook except the fact that the hook is polished silver and not black nickle. I don't know of many 1.5x -2x longer hooks other than spinnerbait hooks. Maybe someone else has an idea.

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