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austin senerchia

what do you think about glow in the dark chenille fly lures

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They work good for Steelhead, Salmon, trout on occasion, and many Saltwater species.  But they are not the ideal solution to all problems.

Because Steelhead and Salmon, at least the ocean run ones of the Pacific Northwest, do not feed once they enter the rivers, they are hitting out of anger, spite, territory, etc.  Glow just offers them another reason for them to strike.

I have found that night fishing for Big Browns and Bows with just a touch of glow seems to really help.  Having said that, too much seems to turn them off.  These are mostly feeding fish, not hitting out of anger, spite, etc., so I think that it runs them off.

I have tried it for Walleye and Bass at night and find that I do much better without the glow.  In fact, I do not recall catching a single Bass on glow at night and few Walleye took my streamers with glow.  Not sure why, just unformed theories.

I don't know if this helps of not, but this is my experience.

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I would agree with Anglinarcher 

I also find glow worked well when fly fishing for rockfish and lingcod or trolling bucktails for Lakers. I have had good results with big 50/50 white and glow clousers for lingcod 

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