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Etex, where to find ? How its applied ?

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If anyone could hep me out that would be great...

I'm a new member to the site and pretty green when it comes to air brushing...Ive been using an aerosol Spar Urathane Clear Gloss top coat on my baits,usually two to three coats...I never have air bubbles but it takes a long time to dry and will chip depending on how many rocks I run

it across...I realize this is part of fishing but have noticed alot of you mentioning Etex and was curious as to how good this stuff is..

Where to find it? how its applied? and if you have been satisfied with the overall results...

Would appreciate any feed back

Thank You !!

Craig from Minnesota

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E-tex is short for Envirotex. It is a 2 part mix that you may apply

with a brush.

Let me suggest you give Devcon 30 min epoxy a try first.

The reason I say this is, being new you may not have a dryer.

E-tex will have to be turned for 2-3 hours, where Devcon will

only have to be turned about 30 min. And you can do this

by hand. Devcon is applied with a brush. If you don't

turn the baits, both Devcon & E-tex will sag and run off the bait.

Walmart has the Devcon 30 min, you may purchase

E-tex at Hpbby Lobby.


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Welcome Craig.

In Minnesota you can get the E-Tex from Menards. Coley is right about turning the baits. This is a very heated topic on the best E-Tex VS Devcon. If you do a search on e-tex you will find lots of good help on how to use it. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, I have tried both and prefer the e-tex. What type of baits are you putting it on?

Good luck


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