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Curt - RI

2019 Coolest Lure Contest Winners!

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Congratulations to the winners of the 2019 Coolest Lure Contest!

Below are the winners of this year's contest. I will update this post sometime tomorrow with links to each winner's lure photo.

2019 Coolest Lure Contest Winners

Best Custom Painted Hardbait
1 st - Supreme Bluegill – @mdojet
2 nd - Custom Painted Wakebait - @Cliffs Lures
3 rd - 3D Gill - @Big Bass Man

Best Homemade Hardbait
1 st - Hitchhiker 80 – @Badaboom
2 nd - Z Pike – @MazLures
3 rd – Curly Tail Hardbait – @madtownlures

Best Wire Bait
1 st – ½ oz. Swingtail Spinnerbait – @Lunkerlunchbaits
2 nd – Custom 1/2oz.Bladed Jig – @smallmouthchaser
3 rd – Custom Frog Buzzbait - @carpslayer556

Best Soft Bait
1 st - 3.25" Power Finesse Craw - @zachary muhleman
2 nd – Kraken Knight.jpg - @Randall Koop
3 rd - 4" Goby – @foxbites

Best Fly
1 st – Scorpion Fly – @Leonsebiatan
2 nd - Deer hair duckling - @Deer hair duckling
3 rd - Hand Tied Custom Streamer – @Bassmankam

Best Custom Rod or Reel
1 st - Handmade 9’ 5wt fast action fly rod @DrakeFC
2 nd - Custom Fly Rod.jpg - @Brian7394
3 rd - Stand Up Rod Thread Wrap – @Javabones

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1 hour ago, alby said:

where do i find the pictures of winning and all other entries????

The top post by Curt is a list of the 3 winners in each category, and if you look above that and a bit to the left, you will see "Lure Contest."  Click on that and you can look at any of the years contests, from 2014 to 2019, including all pictures and submissions.   

Hope this helps.  :)

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