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Tail Weight

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I was talking with the guy that owns thundershad.I am playing around with a new shallow running balsa lure that I want to get running a little more flat than nose down.I dont want to change the bill angle or the bait profile.Paul was telling me about weighting the tail to do this but he cant tell me the whole process.I understand why,but he did tell me tail weighting would do the trick.Skeeter/Chip/Coley/........anybody?I am sure that I will figure it out but I would like to cut down on the r&d as much as possible.I have custom painted 275 plugs this month and am still behind.This guy I am trying to modify this bait for is a good customer.Thanks in advance and God Bless!!!!!!!!!

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Coley    8

I have never heard of this. But, to save a lot of r&d, try

putting a split shot or a piece of solder on ther rear hook

and see what happens.

What I have noticed, when I have a bait swimming nose

down more than I desire. The lip is usually too long and

is trying stand the bait on its nose. By shorting the lip

the bait swims in a more level attitude and a little depth

is lost on a short cast. A long cast is not nearly affected

as far as depth goes.


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Skeeter    121

If you are pleased with the action of the bait then tail weighting

the lure is the worst possible thing that you can do. I don’t care who it is that tells you this, it is the wrong way to go. I have sent you a private message on how to fix the problem.


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